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BCN's Full Spectrum Epilobium Products

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Your Epilobium Experts — Since 1997!

                                      — BCN's Epilobium brings you More Expertise
                                              than any other Epilobium Products on the market

— Clinically proven

— True Full Spectrum True Full Benefits



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t least 6 times more potent than capsules
or powdered forms!

And you have a choice:


Or ...



The products here deliver Epilobium's FULL benefit.

Before BCN introduced our flagship Epilobium product in 1998, there was only tea. Our Epilobium Full-Spectrum Liquifaction, for the first time, made the benefits of this amazing plant both convenient and affordable.
See below for more about this herb and its many uses.

This advanced Epilobium formula goes beyond prostate health by combining Small Flower Willow herb (Epilobium parviflorum) and Organic Fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium, aka: Great Flowered Willow Herb). Epilobium-AP delivers the total promise of Epilobium in a complete, balanced extract that contains the full range of beneficial flavonoids. (Of the 20 known healthful components of the Epilobium Species, a balanced combination of Epilobium parviflorum and Epilobium angustifolium provides 11 of the 20 known components. Balancing the two herbs together allows them to compliment each other with elements that would be missing if only a single herb was used.)

Concentrated Herbal Power

- Just 6-10 Drops does the job!









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