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Larry Clapp, PHD, JD Author, Consultant

Larry Clapp's 90 Day Cleanse Program
Larry Clapp's complete recommended program

Larry's Recommended Prostate Support Supplements:

            neoProstate -Larry Clapp's most recommended prostate supplement Try our neoProstate today!

            Epilobium -The prostate product Larry Clapp was most excited about! Take a look at our epilobium products!

                  Fast acting and effective prostate support, a powerful anti-inflammatory,
                and it aids with incontinence for both men and women!

            Life Assure -Our Ultimate Prostate Product:

                A more advanced version of neoProstate
                with a bonus for Whole Body Nutrition!

            Life Assure & Epilobium-AP -Our Ultimate Prostate Health Special Combo!

Prostate Health in 90 Days?
With Dr. Clapp's recommended 90 day cleanse program.

Larry Clapp, Ph.D., JD, is acknowledged as "one of the leading experts" on prostate health today. Author of Prostate Health in 90 Days without drugs or surgery, Dr. Clapp has put together several programs to help every man regain and maintain optimal health, preventing and healing prostate problems. BCN is proud to work with Dr. Clapp to bring you the most effective products possible to achieve this goal.

The foundation of Dr. Clapp's program is presented in Chapter 5 of his book. As he states, the first step is "to cleanse the colon and organs of toxins, including parasites. It's fun and easy, and produces major results in just 1 week!" The cleansing process continues for 90 days to gently, but very effectively, cleanse your entire body of toxins and parasites. By invigorating the body's eliminative channels, the program allows your body to more easily eliminate the impurities it is exposed to, long after the 90 days. This 90-Day Cleanse process sets the foundation for an optimal preventive program, and for reinvigorating your health.

Dr. Clapp's 90 Day Parasite and Whole Body Cleanse is actually a 98-day process including 8 days fasting and 90 days ongoing supplements as it prepares you for regaining optimal health. Dr. Larry Clapp presents this cleanse in chapter 5 of Prostate Health in 90 Days.

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