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90 Day Parasite & Whole Body Cleanse
90 Day Parasite & Whole Body Cleanse Quantity in Basket: None
Code: UltCl

Price: $288.99


The Most Complete

Parasite & Whole Body Cleansing Program

Used by thousands for optimum health!

Based on the program Dr. Clapp refers to as:

"The 8-Day Ultimate Fast
      and 90-Day Parasite & Whole Body Cleansing"

in Chapter 5 of Prostate Health in 90 days without drugs or surgery

                                  −By Dr. Larry Clapp, Ph.D., JD

Elson Haas MD: How To Cleanse and Detoxify Your Body Today!

The 98-Day Cleansing Products
The 98-Day Process


Ultimate Fast, Parasite & Whole Body Cleanse

Originally Formulated for Larry Clapp's program, presented in:

Prostate Health In 90 Days, without drugs or surgery

The Complete 90-Day Program:

This package contains all the supplements needed for the full 90-day program, except for the fresh lemons, non-iodized salt, and the maple syrup.

A note about parasite cleansing: A parasite cleansing program needs to last for at least 2 months to be effective, and 3 months to avoid auto-reinfection (which occurs from an inadequate cleansing program. — This is why other programs often state "repeat when symptoms reappear." A proper and thourough program strengthens the body's immune functions to resist reinfection from the environment, and is thorough to dramatically reduce the chances of auto-reinfection).

Other programs rely on laxatives to achieve removal of the weakened and dead parasites. However, you cannot safely use laxatives for this extended period of time.

The PC–1›2›3™ based cleansing program is a non-laxative program, promoting normal, healthy functioning by strengthening the GI tract and eliminative functions. This provides a through, safe cleanse for an adequate period of time, while strengthening your system, which helps you to resist parasite infections in the future.

Each Kit Includes:

PC–1›2›3™ Parasite Cleanse:

BCN FormulasPC–1›2›3™ Parasite Cleanse formula with Immune System Support (two bottles included per kit)

(Formulated to be used with Nature Pure Body Program. Replaces the use of TheraClear mentioned in some versions of Dr. Clapp's Program)

This product was designed for use with the Nature's Pure Body program, and can be used independently for a gentle, effective cleanse and toning of the GI tract. Suggested use is 10 drops three times per day for 98 days, when used with the full three month Ultimate Fast and Cleansing program. Use 10 drops three times per day for three months when used alone.

90-Day Cleanse includes & requires two bottles, 2 ounces each

Ingredients: The formula contains a propriety blend of Pumpkin (seed), Garlic (bulb), Astragulus (root), Wormwood (whole plant), Pau d'Arco (bark – Tabebuia Impetiginosa), Green Hull Black Walnut, Kirta (leaf), Butternut (bark), Buckthorn (bark), Clove (fruit), Ginger (root) Senna (leaf), in distilled water with 25% ethanol.


Natures Pure Body Cleansing Program:

(Pure Body Institute — Professional Use Product)

This is a two part herbal cleansing program - one part whole body and one part colon - designed to both clean and restore the intestinal tract as well as the liver, circulation system and bloodstream, improve kidney function, increase immune functions, rebalance hormones, strengthen cell structure, stimulate the adrenal glands and the endocrine system, cleanse mucus from the respiratory system, stimulate the lymphatic system, and reduce inflammation. This is a broad spectrum program of cleansing and healing support, to rebalance the body based upon traditional uses of the component herbs. Each kit includes 3 sets of Natures Pure Body Cleansing Program, each set consisting of one bottle of the whole body program and one bottle of the colon program.

The Whole Body Program (3 bottles included per kit)

Program use: Work up to 5 tablets twice per day over the first 5 days of the program. Recommended use: 3 - 7 tablets twice a day. 300 tablets provides approximately 1 month supply.

Ingredients: Oregon grape root, mullein, barberry root, milk thistle, black cohosh root, dandelion root, fenugreek seed, prickly ash bark, peppermint leaf, ginger root, irish moss, goldenseal root, licorice root, bupleurum, burdock root, sasparilla herb, gentian root, yellow dock root, echinacea root, safflower herb, peach leaves, slippery elm bark, chickweed herb, yarrow flower, and capsicum fruit.

The Colon Program (3 bottles included per kit)

Program use: work up to 3 tablets per day over the first 5 days of the program.

Recommended use: 1 - 3 tablets twice a day. 90 tablets provides approximately 1 month supply.

Ingredients: cascara sagrada bark, rhubarb root, buckthorn bark, psyllium husk, licorice root, ginger root, fennel seed, goldenseal root.

The 90 day period will require 3 Colon ($32.95 SRP) & 3 Whole Body ($72.95 SRP) program tablets.

Sonne's #7 Bentonite, 32 ounce bottle (1 included per kit)

Bentonite clay comes from volcanic ash and contains between 24 to 33 naturally occurring essential trace minerals. The value of montmorillonite (the active ingredient in bentonite) lies in its ability to adsorb many times its own weight and volume, picking up positively charged toxic material.  It can also remove bacteria.  Bentonite should not be taken with medications, vitamins, or food.  (Note: When using bentonite always allow 1 hour, both before and after taking Bentonite, before eating, taking medications or supplements. See chapter 5, using the link above, for a more complete description.

On the Cleanse - From day 1 to 8: 1 tablespoon 4x per day (This equals 15 oz. of the product. If you weigh over 150 pounds, the recommended usage is 5 times per day, or a total of 18.5 ounces.)

Cayenne Pepper (1 included per kit)

rue Organic Capsicum annum powder (No additives). This may be the best cayenne pepper you can find! 1 bottle will last the entire cleanse.Cayenne naturally stimulates the gastrointestinal tract, while helping the intestinal lining to heal, improves circulation, and emulsifies triglycerides. This is just a short list of the documented benefits of cayenne pepper, ones that are important to your cleaninsg process, especially during the 8 fasting days.

Psyllium Husks Powder– from Yerba Prima
12 ounces (1 included per kit)

This product is ideal for a cleansing program.  Unlike most of the psyllium products available, there are NO additives, No preservatives, or substances to keep the powder from clumping. That means that there are no substances that can cause you problems while on the 8 day Ultimate Fast part of the program.  Also, there are no "cleansing herbs" added as these can interfere with the PC-1-2-3 and colon program supplements.

Pysllium Seed is a non harsh bulking agent that absorbes toxins and other undesired elements in the colon. It is based on a time-honored formulation by gastroenterologists. Pysllium Seed may be helpful for dieters as it may increase satiety. Other possible benefits include improved glucose levels and as an aid to lowering cholesterol. Psyllium seed powder must be mixed with water. You must stir it and drink it immediately (see 90-Day cleansing instructions).


Fasting — It’s A Good Thing!

And it’s easy!

The beginning 8 days of BCN’s cleansing program integrates four established protocols in a single, easy-to-follow modified fast. This not only has its own cleansing benefits, it is also an “elimination diet” – eliminating virtually any food that commonly causes problems, while using lemon or lime with maple syrup to supply essential nutrients during the fast. Included are highly effective intestinal purifiers – fine, pure psyllium and pharmaceutical grade bentonite - to insure that toxins and waste are absorbed and eliminated, while helping to shift the balance of the bacteria from bad to good. With this, herbs in our PC-1›2›3 and the Colon Program from Nature’s Pure Body provide trace mineral support, missing from nearly every other cleansing system available today, and broad support for the liver and digestive tract from stomach to the colon. This sets you up for the real cleansing, restoration and revitalization work during the next 90 days.


Returning to Food - After your fast the restoration process continues with PC-1›2›3 and the Whole Body tablets. It really does take the full 90 days. Your body is an ongoing dynamic process that needs time to regenerate itself. At this same time, we return to eating, and it is the combination of continuing your cleanse, plus healthy, supportive food, exercise, and lifestyle, that makes your Mojo come to life!


When you break your fast, your cleansing really begins!


Finding What Foods Work For You:

You have the opportunity to test out foods in the only laboratory that counts – your own body. You have just spent a week giving your system freedom from troubling foods. Now it is time to reintroduce foods, slowly, so you can evaluate for yourself how foods make you feel and how each affects your body. This is the time to discover what foods strengthen your body and which deplete your energy, or even cause problems. The food groups that work for you may be very different than foods other people find energizing.

90 Days to Strengthening Your Body's Ability to Cleanse Naturally — Every Day from Now On!