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BCN is pleased to introduce an outstanding line of supplements from
Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR).

AOR is one of the world's leading companies for science-backed formulations. Located in Canada, AOR has an established reputation as the most advanced supplement formulator in the country. Innovation has been central to AOR's philosophy since its foundation, building a record of putting into the hands of health practitioners and into the lives of patients, effective, innovative, science-based products years ahead of their secondary acceptance by the mainstream dietary supplement industry. These effective, leading-edge products are now available in the United States through BCN!

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benaGene 30 vegi-caps - AOR (08138)
benaGene 30 vegi-caps - AOR (08138)


Price: $49.00
Quantity in Basket: none
Mag Malate Renew 120 vegi-caps - AOR (08211)
Mag Malate Renew 120 vegi-caps - AOR (08211)


Price: $23.97
Quantity in Basket: none

Ortho-Sleep 60 vegi-caps - AOR (08186)
Ortho-Sleep 60 vegi-caps - AOR (08186)


Price: $31.97
Quantity in Basket: none
SeMet (Selenium) - 55 mcg, 90 vegi-caps -  AOR (08018) (Old code AOR-SeMC)
SeMet (Selenium) - 55 mcg, 90 vegi-caps - AOR (08018) (Old code AOR-SeMC)

Code: AOR-SeMet

Price: $15.97
Quantity in Basket: none

Andrographis - Immune Support -120-VegiCaps AOR (08303)
Andrographis - Immune Support -120-VegiCaps AOR (08303)


Price: $23.97
Quantity in Basket: none

Research-Based Supplement Design
AOR's formulations have always been designed with an overriding emphasis on ensuring that the final results deliver as promised. This begins with a careful review of the primary science on a supplement, insisting on solid science and real-world outcomes. Ingredients whose only scientific support comes from surrogate outcomes, mechanistic speculation, in vitro studies, or experimental conditions that don't reflect the real challenges of patients are eschewed in favor of the results of high-quality evidence and clinical trials. The final formulation is then designed to reflect the clinical trials themselves, with doses, standardization, and forms of nutrients reflecting the original research.

In the past decade, AOR has been recognized as a leading provider of genuinely innovative nutraceuticals, in North America and around the world, with their "Bottled Revolutions:"tm groundbreaking, research-backed orthomolecules and botanicals. These products are new to the nation and often to North America or to the world.  AOR brought the world its first R(+)-Lipoic Acid supplements, containing the genuine orthomolecular form rather than the racemic hybrid of natural R(+)- and synthetic S(-)-enantiomers found in conventional "lipoic acid" or "alpha-lipoic acid" supplements. The first company to deliver the revolutionary bone health mineral Strontium at a clinically-tested dose was again AOR.

AOR takes special care with multi-ingredient supplements - a class of natural health product that is especially subject to shoddy formulation. Supplements with multiple ingredients can work, and work very well - if they're properly formulated. But many companies approach the formulation of their products as an unscientific game of one-upmanship, in which the object is to come up with the longest possible list of ingredients of interest to people with a particular health concern. In the process, basic issues around dosage, compatibility, stability, and mechanism of action are brushed aside in a rush to put out a pill which - from a quick glance at the label - appears to be the "broadest," most "comprehensive," most "all-inclusive," and most "synergistically complete" product on the shelf.

Consistently good formulation requires both the best science, and the best motivations and integrity. Something has to provide the impetus to keep a supplement company poring over medical journals, combing through new research in search of new discoveries, and questioning the market's common formulation clichés. AOR has built its line's reputation for efficacy one supplement at a time, diligently pursuing optimal formulation from the primary research up.

AOR has an establishment license with Health Canada. AOR is a GMP Certified company.