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Re-Glow™ Herbal Tonic 2 fl oz
Re-Glow™ Herbal Tonic 2 fl oz Quantity in Basket: None
Code: HE-RG-2

Price: $21.75


For Women Only

Re-Glow Tonic™
Restores Women's Vital Energy

Supports Normal Hormone Transition & Female Energy

Fortifies Organs Providing Natural Hormone Support

Increases Libido

Strengthens & Balances Key Qi Systems

Supports Healthy Bones and Cholesterol

For Use From Perimenopause Through Post-Menopause Years

Most American women don't experience a natural menopause. But 1-in-5 do experience relatively symptom free menopausal changes. The Japanese do not even have a term for "Hot Flash," nor do the Chinese, and in India (where soy is not part of the diet) PMS, perimenopause and menopause symptoms are rare. What makes the difference?  Diet, stress and cultural/environmental differences that weaken key organs and systems are the common factors.  How can you overcome these differences for a natural transition?

Re-Glow Tonic™ is formulated to help you regain your vital energy! This body-ready (predigested) whole-herb preparation acts as a super-concentrated, super-food to supply you with essential nutrition not found in our Western diet.  These herbs nourish and balance the function of the female systems that produce appropriate levels of hormones for an HRT and symptom free transition. They also improve overall health, immune function, and vitality, to directly support a natural, Healing Transition™.

    Rebuild First:  Re-Glow Tonic™ is a Non-Phytoestrogen Formula:
    By strengthening essential body-systems many women can regain the natural ability to make a symptom-free, innate, Healing Transition

    Since the basis for a natural menopause is developed over years preceding menopause, it is suggested that
    ReGlow-Tonic™ be started in the early phase of perimenopause.

    Add Phytoestrogens with EstroForte™ to match your body's needs.
    Since no two women are alike, EstroForte allows you to adjust the natural phytoestrogens for your unique needs.  The herbs in this formula provide both hormone support and balance, plus herbs to stimulate healthy body fluids and libido.

    Adding the phytonutrients supplied by the herbs in the Re-Glow formula can make all the difference, establishing a healthier foundation for the perimenopause and menopause years.  By combining the essential aspects of the most effective approaches from around the world, Re-Glow Tonic™ works with your body's own intelligence to:

    Recover from Stress: Stress weakens essential organs that support a smooth transition from perimenopause through menopause.  Adaptogens — which help bring the body into a state of natural harmony with the environment and to adapt to stressful challenges — can help compensate for the daily stress of life in Western countries. This further supports the adrenal gland, freeing it to produce body-appropriate hormone levels.
    Unlike sedative/tranquilizing herbs, adaptogens work with your body to support and strengthen your ability to handle stress and maintain calm naturally. In addition, they do not suppress your energy as many "calming" herbs do.  Adaptogens naturally enhance the body's ability to cope with, or adjust optimally and appropriately to changes in the environment. This takes real energy, which the adaptogens in ReGlow-Tonic™ provide, while harmonizing the physical energies in the body for optimal functioning.  This is a natural way to reduce the effects of stress and fatigue, while increasing your ability to function optimally.

    Strengthen the Adrenal Glands:  Healthy adrenal glands stand at the heart of a healthy, natural hormonal transition.  Naturally produced adrenal estrogen plays an important role in increasing bone mineral density (BMD).  Insufficient adrenal hormone output has been connected to post-menopausal hypertension. Natural adrenal hormone production facilitates the body's stress response and maintains a proper response balance of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal response to stress. (HRT suppresses this response.)  Most important, when functioning properly the adrenal gland, working with other organs that produce low levels of reproductive hormones, produces a proper balance and adequate amount of these hormones to bring about a symptom free, natural menopause transition.

    Stimulate Libido. Healthy libido is more than just hormones.  In the Amazon, Chuchuhuasi has been used for centuries as a libido enhancer.  In TCM Polygonum enhances stamina and is considered a youth-preserving, libido enhancing herb.

    Reduce Fatigue - Increase Natural Energy.

    Support & Improve Liver Function & Energy: In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Liver Meridian Energy is key to a natural menopause and relieving "liver Qi stagnation" is an important step in eliminating the root cause of menopausal symptoms.  From a western perspective, improving liver function helps keep hormones in balance, especially by eliminating excess unhealthy estrogens. (This can help shift the balance to good estrogen metabolites.  The use of DIM further supports this shift and compliments ReGlow-Tonic™.)  For another reason the liver is important at this stage as it is the primary means to eliminate toxins that can reduce the effectiveness of your own lower-level of hormone production.  Herbs in ReGlow-Tonic™ support each of these functions.

    Enhance Kidney Energy. Kidney energy is the other half of the imbalance in Traditional Chinese Medicine, that is associated with menopause.  Kidney Qi deficiency is addressed by the combination of Epimedium, Polygonum, Rehmannia from Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Chuchuhuasi from the Amazon rainforest.

    Cleanse the Blood.

Synergism is the foundation of the ReGlow-Tonic™ formula.  Few herbs work effectively alone and all herbs have more than one function.  The herbs of ReGlow-Tonic™ have been selected for both their proven primary functions and for their support of other herbs in the formula.  This forms a synergy, making the whole more effective and more beneficial than the mere sum of the individual herbs.

Questions we often get about ReGlow-Tonic & EstroForte:

    I've tried the same herbs before but they didn't work for me.
    Yours do. Why are yours different?

    We use only True Full-Spectrum, full potency herbs, balanced properly by nature.  The key is in the processing (see below) to insure that the herbs deliver their natural effectiveness.
    Also, the herbs in each formula are selected to work together and not fight each other, or your particular body chemistry, as happens in many other formulas.  For example, you will not find the popular Vitex in either formula.  For some women Vitex is beneficial, for some it makes no difference, and for some it actually worsens the situation and decreases libido.  The herbs in
    ReGlow-Tonic & EstroForte™ are selected to benefit the widest range of women, using the most proven herbs available.

    Why liquids and not a capsule?

    Liquids are the only way to insure you receive 100% of the full-spectrum herb.  In order to put these carefully processed herbs into a capsule, we would need to alter the very important alcohol and water content (see below). However, that also alters the herb and how it works.  Also, our
    Herbal Liquefaction  preparations are nearly 100% absorbed, whereas tablets or dry herb preparations are only 10-to-15% absorbed and will vary person-to-person since they depend upon your digestive tract's ability to extract the important properties of the herb.  By age 40, most people have a diminished capacity in this area, reducing the effectiveness of dry herb and yielding very different results for different people.
    With liquids you control the dose.  This allows you to vary how you use the herbs to fit your unique biological state. Capsules provide only a one-size-fits-all, measured dose.  This is one of the reasons women find that they may work for a while, then stop (as their needs change) or take a very long time to make any difference. Or they find they are either taking too much or not enough, but never quite the right amount, for them.

ReGlow-Tonic is formulated to be taken on a regular basis and should be combined with EstroForte™ to supply phytoestrogens after menopause.

ReGlow-Tonic Ingredients

(All Herbal Energies™ Tonic formulas are proprietary combinations of the listed ingredients.)

Herbal Energies™

Herbal Liquefaction


Black Cohosh(root)

Gynostemma (aerial parts) 

Bupleurum  (root)

Angelica sinensis (Dong Quai root)

Blue Cohosh (root)

Astragalus organic membranaceus (root)

Chuchuhuasi (bark)

Polygonum multiflorum (Fo Ti root)

Rehmannia (root)

Epimedium (aerial parts)

Other ingredients: distilled water and 30% ethanol.


20 drops (about 1/4 tsp.) contains the   equal of 6,138 mg of dry plant! 

  12 typical herbal capsules! 

   making Herbal Liquefaction™:

    The Most Economical To Use

    Higher Potency

    Optimal Absorption

    Easy Dosing

    More Bioavailable with
    Higher Antioxidant
    and Trace-Mineral Content

    The Easy Choice!

Suggested Use: 10 to 30 drops 3 times daily sublingually or in hot or cold beverage, or as otherwise directed by your health professional.

Superior Herbals come from Superior Processing!

Herbal Liquefaction is a unique processing procedure that assures a full-spectrum herbal product.  Other processes extract, or remove from, the herb a small part of the plant material.  Because of this they leave behind the bulk of the herb, including most of the balancing properties of the herb and the mineral salts − two essential herbal components.  All of the herbs in this product are processed to deliver both the ethanol soluble and the water soluble components of the herb.  This means that a 50% ethanol product is the total herb (50% ethanol soluble and 50% water soluble = 100% herb).  We dilute the concentrated herb from this 50% ethanol level to standardize your effective dose, typically to 10 drops.  This produces a much more concentrated, complete full-spectrum herbal, which means you need to use much less of the product (1/3rd or less, when compared to standard extracts) to achieve your desired results.

In addition, the Herbal Liquefaction process is a slow, multi-phase process that does not use heat.  This yields an undamaged, unmodified liquefied herb that is bacteria free, balanced by nature, and extremely economical to use.  In addition, unlike typical herbs which have a relatively short shelf life, Herbal Liquefaction preparations store extremely well, for up to 5 years when properly handled.

Superior Absorption and Benefit. An Herbal Liquefaction preparation exceeds the absorption of any other form of herbal extracts.  To put this into perspective, according to the Physician's Desk Reference, pill and tablet forms of herbal supplements generally have a low (10-20%) absorption rate, compared to a 98% absorption rate for standard liquid extracts. However, the purpose of taking dry herb is to obtain the full-spectrum benefit of the herb, which is not available with standard extracts.  Only Herbal Liquefaction gives you both pre-digested, full-absorption and the complete, full-spectrum benefits of each herb.

Economical To Use: Herbal Liquefaction concentrates more herb per drop.  The typically effective dose of a Herbal Liquefaction preparation is generally one-half to one-third the recommended amounts for standard extracts.  A two ounce bottle of an Herbal Liquefaction preparation at $21.75 per bottle, because you get more herb and use less per dose, is actually costing the equivalent of $3.60 per ounce, when compared to other products!

Keep out of reach of children. 
Not intended for use if pregnant or nursing. 
If you are taking prescription medication, consult your physician before taking using product.
Store in a cool dry place.

Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. 
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.