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RL-Tonic Radiant Longevity 2 fl oz
RL-Tonic Radiant Longevity 2 fl oz Quantity in Basket: None
Code: HE-RL-2

Price: $21.75


RL-Tonic™ – Your Chinese Treasure House
What is Radiant Health?

In Chinese medicine there are three sources of human energy:

Jing is your essence, your life force, the foundation of your potential and of your ability to rejuvenate. Jing governs your aging process and your ability to heal and be vibrant.

Qi (pronounced Chee) is vitality. Qi is drawn from your food and the air you breathe, your daily nutrition. Qi is vital to our ability to resist ill health and to cope with everyday stress.

Shen is the energy of your spirit, the energy of consciousness and awareness. It is more difficult to define than Jing or Qi, but equally important to your well-being and how you age over your lifetime.

Together Jing, Qi and Shen are the Three Treasures of Chinese Medicine, your basis for Radiant Health.

By nourishing your whole energy system, your 12 Meridians, RL-Tonic™ can help you replenish your core energy and Radiant Health.

The Magic Behind BCN's RL-Tonic™

RL-Tonic™ is a rare formula that supports all 12 of your body’s meridians. These are the energy channels at the heart of whole-body health in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  According to TCM, Tonic Herbs, found in BCN’s RL-Tonic™, use the Meridians to travel throughout the body to nourish, support, and stimulate natural production of your vital energy.

By nourishing your whole energy system, your 12 Meridians, RL-Tonic™ can help you replenish your core energy and Radiant Health.

In addition, on a physical level, RL-Tonic™ is nutritional support for your body’s primary organ systems. This includes the interactions between the organs and the balance that unites these systems into a unified, holistic human system.

Founding Principals of Beachwood Canyon Naturally :

BCN was founded on two principals: The daily health benefits of a True-Mediterranean Diet, and the forgotten, but essential nutrition provided by herbs. 

While herbs are key to making the Mediterranean Diet the health foundation it can be, herbs are universal and are also the basis for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Within TCM a unique category of herbs provide daily, lifelong support for Radiant Health — Tonic Herbs. 

Over the last 20 years BCN has focused on these two areas, and our work is now supported by two US Patents that fuse Mediterranean and Tonic Herbs.

Radiant Health is vitality,

it is balance,

it’s the ability to adapt, easily and effortlessly to mental and physical stress,

it is the ability to maintain good health,

and the ability to rejuvenate and return to optimal health after periods of difficulty.

Appropriate For Everyone over 12

RL-Tonic for Radiant Longevity

Fortifies the Entire Body — All Major Organs, All 12 TCM Meridians

Herbal-nutrition to strengthen and regulate the immune system, increase oxygen utilization, build energy, improve healing, sleep, stress reactions, skin tone, stamina, endocrine & liver function, while protecting against aging and cardiovascular problems.  A broad-support formula for use every day.

RL-Tonic™ can be combined with any of our targeted tonic formulas.


(All Herbal Energies™ Tonic formulas are proprietary combinations of the listed ingredients.)

Herbal Energies™
Herbal Liquefaction



Gynostemma pentaphyllum (aerial parts)

Reishi (fruit)

Asparagus (aerial parts)

Astragalus membranaceus (root)

Eucommia (bark)

Fo Ti ( root)

Tienchi Ginseng (root)

Poria (sclerotium)

Schisandra (fruit)

Other ingredients: distilled water and 40% ethanol.

20 drops (≈1/4 tsp.) contains the equal of 7,106 mg of dry plant!
14 typical herbal capsules!

   Making Herbal Liquefaction™: 

    More Economical To Use

    Higher Potency

    Optimal Absorption

    Easy Dosing

    More Bioavailable with
    Higher Antioxidant
    and Trace-Mineral Content

    The Easy Choice!

Suggested Use: 10 to 30 drops 3 times daily sublingually or in hot or cold beverage, or as otherwise directed by your health professional.

Superior Herbals come from Superior Processing!

Herbal Liquefaction is a unique processing procedure that assures a full-spectrum herbal product.  Other processes extract, or remove from, the herb a small part of the plant material.  Because of this they leave behind the bulk of the herb, including most of the balancing properties of the herb and the mineral salts − two essential herbal components.  All of the herbs in this product are processed to deliver both the ethanol soluble and the water soluble components of the herb.  This means that a 50% ethanol product is the total herb (50% ethanol soluble and 50% water soluble = 100% herb).  We dilute the concentrated herb from this 50% ethanol level to standardize your effective dose, typically to 10 drops.  This produces a much more concentrated, complete full-spectrum herbal, which means you need to use much less of the product (1/3rd or less, when compared to standard extracts) to achieve your desired results.

In addition, the Herbal Liquefaction process is a slow, multi-phase process that does not use heat.  This yields an undamaged, unmodified liquefied herb that is bacteria free, balanced by nature, and extremely economical to use.  In addition, unlike typical herbs which have a relatively short shelf life, Herbal Liquefaction preparations store extremely well, for up to 5 years when properly handled.

Superior Absorption and Benefit. An Herbal Liquefaction™ preparation exceeds the absorption of any other form of herbal extracts.  To put this into perspective, according to the Physician's Desk Reference, pill and tablet forms of herbal supplements generally have a low (10-20%) absorption rate, compared to a 98% absorption rate for standard liquid extracts. However, the purpose of taking dry herb is to obtain the full-spectrum benefit of the herb, which is not available with standard extracts. Only Herbal Liquefaction™ gives you both pre-digested, full-absorption and the complete, full-spectrum benefits of each herb.

Keep out of reach of children. 
Not intended for use if pregnant or nursing. 
While all herbs in this formula are Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS), if you are taking prescription medication, consult your physician before taking using product.
Store in a cool dry place.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.