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Beachwood Canyon, Naturally, Ltd. (BCN Formulas) has been producing and selling health supplements since 1994. Founded on service, science-based nutritional advice, and reliability, BCN provides products based on quality and efficacy over marketing.  Our customers’ health has always been our focus, and because of this we have enjoyed many relationships that go back more than 20 years.

At BCN we evaluate and gather together the most advanced, effective, pure, natural products of both retail and professional supplements.  And we are here to talk to you, answer your questions with knowledgeable, practical advice.

From the Beginning

Early on, Art Bartunek, BCN's President and Nutrition Consultant, was asked to restructure and improve the parasite cleansing program for Larry Clapp, PhD, which is the foundation for his work presented in his bestselling book Prostate Health in 90 Days without drugs or surgery. The success of this program and our relationship with Dr. Clapp’s focus on prostate health led to the development of what remain two of BCN's best sellers, neoProstate™ and Life Assure®, an affiliation with the Bard Cancer Center in New York, and the development with Dr. Bard of our PMCaox supplement which has been granted two patents for Methods for promoting prostate health, restoring cellular function, and whole-body health.

Properly Formulated Mediterranean Nutrition from the Beginning

From the beginning, BCN has focused on quality, natural food supplements that embody True-Mediterranean Nutrition. Our patent protected Beta-Perfect Phytosterols™ are a prime example. The proper balance of the phytosterols supplied by heirloom Mediterranean botanicals — fruits and vegetables that are staples of the Mediterranean diet like citrus, apple, artichoke, and especially the olive — is one of the keys to the MedDiet’s health benefits. We build on this foundation for our own BCN Formulas products and the supplements we select from other manufacturers who are also passionate about quality and effectiveness.

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